Earn real money doing what you love.

Blogging is wonderful, but it is incredibly hard work and takes up loads of your valuable time. And it can be incredibly difficult to earn real money from your blog.  

But you LOVE blogging.  Like REALLY love it.  

So what happens?  You keep churning out content and working your butt off, but you continue to earn far less than you should for all the time that you invest in your blog.

There is an incredibly effective way to earn money from your blog--AFFILIATE MARKETING.   Even if you are already earning some affiliate revenue,  I bet that you aren't earning nearly as much as you could be.  In fact, I nearly guarantee that you are LOSING out on potential affiliate sales as you are reading this.

 I'm here to help you fix that problem.
Work smarter, not harder.

Sponsored posts and ad revenue are great ways for DIY, home decor and lifestyle bloggers to earn money by doing what they love, but affiliate marketing is the BEST way.  Why?

You can spend hours and hours working on a sponsored post for a single flat rate.  Ad revenue is great, but it is limited by your page views.

Blog posts live forever. If you continually promote them, the 10 minutes you spend adding affiliate links to your posts can generate perpetual affiliate sales. I have earned over $2,900.00 in affiliate sales from writing ONE post on the baby monitor I use, and the sales are still rolling in month after month. 

--> Are you confused by affiliate marketing or afraid it's too complicated?

--> Are you worried that affiliate marketing will turn off your readers?  

--> Have you tried affiliate marketing in the past without success?  

Now there is a step-by-step course to teach you how to start earning significant money from your blog by giving your audience content they love!
What topics are covered?
Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers is filled with actionable strategies and tips to help you use affiliate marketing in a way that will be helpful to your readers and that will earn you money!
Why Affiliate Marketing is Important for Bloggers
Learn how affiliate marketing works and why it benefits you, retailers/brands and your readers.  Plus, learn how to apply for affiliate programs.
Strategies for Blog Posts
Learn how to identify and maximize your most popular blog content and create posts that naturally lend themselves to affiliate links.  
Strategies for Social Media
Learn how to effectively promote your blog content and direct affiliate links on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.
Strategies for Email Marketing
Learn how to share affiliate links through your email list for maximum engagement.
How to Manage Your Time
Learn how to manage your time and focus your efforts with respect to affiliate marketing.
Case Studies
See real case studies about how bloggers who use the strategies in this book have grown their affiliate revenue as a result.
Affiliate Link Requirements
Learn about what disclosures are required, and learn about the importance of "nofollow" links.
How to Study Your Audience
Learn how to study your audience to gain insight into the type of content and affiliate products they will be interested in.
Take a closer look ...
This video eCourse is made up of 24 lessons totaling over 6 1/2 hours of expert instruction.
Lesson 1: Intro to Me and Affiliate Marketing

Lesson 2: What is Affiliate Marketing and Why It is a Good Thing

Lesson 3: Why Affiliate Marketing is So Important for Bloggers
Lesson 4: The Basics of Affiliate Marketing

Lesson 5: How to Locate and Copy Your Affiliate Links

Lesson 6:  The Power of Deep Linking

Lesson 7: Disclosure Requirements and NoFollow Links
Lesson 8: Study Your Audience with Google Analytics

Lesson 9: Optimize Existing Blog Posts

Lesson 10: How to Format Different Types of Blog Posts to Maximize Affiliate Sales

Lesson 11: How to Monetize Round-Up Posts
Lesson 12: Promoting Blog Content on Pinterest (promoting affiliate products on Pinterest is covered in lesson 23)

Lesson 13: Promoting Affiliate Products on Facebook

Lesson 14: Promoting Affiliate Products on Instagram

Lesson 15: Promoting Affiliate Products With Email
Lesson 16: Promoting Affiliate Products on Hometalk

Lesson 17: Promoting Affiliate Products With Opt-Ins and eProducts

Lesson 18: Affiliate Sales Through rewardStyle

Lesson 19:  rewardStyle Widget Alternatives for Product Galleries and "Shop the Post/House" Pages
Lesson 20: Automation: Save Time with Trello & IFTTT

Lesson 21
: Instagram Shortcuts

Lesson 22: Save Time With Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Illustrator

Lesson 23: Work Smarter, Not Harder: Cross-Promoting Affiliate Products

Lesson 24: Tips and Worksheets for Staying On Track
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Not convinced?  There's more!
When you purchase the eCourse, you also get access to my private Mastermind group on Facebook.  

Plus you receive a copy of my 174 page eBook.  My eBook cannot presently be purchased separately, so this is the only way to get it!
Check out  the full table of contents below.
Part 1: The Fundamentals

Chapter 1: How Affiliate Marketing Applies to Bloggers
Chapter 2: Prepare Your Blog for Affiliate Marketing
Chapter 3: How to Apply to Affiliate Programs
Chapter 4: The Significance of Deep Linking
Chapter 5: Disclosure Requirements
Chapter 6: The Importance of "nofollow" Links

Part 2: Strategies for Blog Posts

Chapter 7:  Get to Know Your Audience
Chapter 8: Optimize Old Blog Posts
Chapter 9: Shopping and Gift Guide Posts
Chapter 10: Product Review Posts
Chapter 11: Project Evolution Posts
Chapter 12: Special Affiliate Programs
Chapter 13: Formatting Blog Posts to Optimize Clicks on Affiliate Links

Part 3: Affiliate Link Promotion Strategies

Chapter 14: Promoting Your Blog Content on Pinterest

Chapter 15: Promoting Affiliate Products on Pinterest

Chapter 16:  Promoting Affiliate Products on Facebook
Chapter 17:  Promoting Affiliate Products on Instagram
Chapter 18:  Promoting Affiliate Products Via Your Email List

Part 4:  Show Me the Money

Chapter 19: A Word About Click & Conversion Rates 
Chapter 20: Affiliate Marketing Earning Ranges and Potential

Chapter 21: The Variables & Case Studies
Chapter 22:  Staying Organized and Focused
Check out results from other bloggers.
I've sold over 600 copies of the first edition of my eBook, Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers.  I polled prior purchasers and asked by what percentage their affiliate sales have increased since using my strategies and tips. Check out the responses!  

As you can see, over 40% of the bloggers who responded have increased their affiliate revenue by a whopping 80 to 100% since using my methods!

The bottom line is that this course will pay for itself over and over again.
"Reading Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers helped me to become much more intentional about my affiliate marketing strategy. There were so many affiliate opportunities that I was missing, simply because I wasn't aware of the many different ways I could incorporate affiliates (naturally and organically-- not in a pushy way!) into my site. Tasha laid it all out clearly, and I was easily able to follow her recommendations, up my affiliate game, and raise my blog's revenue because of it!"
 "I could not have loved or needed this eBook more!  The subject of money has always made me squirmy.  But Tasha presents this somewhat academic material in a matter-of-fact, friendly and empowering way.  I can honestly say that this book has changed my outlook on affiliate marketing, and has made me feel at ease, in fact, eager to develop these concepts on my blog.  I'm kicking myself for having not realized the amazing opportunity that has been staring at me for so long through my blogging dashboard.  This is an eBook you'll want to print out, dog ear, laminate and sleep with under your pillow."
"Without Tasha's eBook, I would have never known the best practices to implement affiliate marketing into my DIY blog. After trying my own methods for a year, I averaged about $150 per month in affiliate income. Eight months after reading Tasha's ebook and using her methods, I now average $2,000 per month in affiliate sales. The best part is it actually helps my readers since they are able to find sources and supplies from my blog's tutorials quickly and easily that they would typically ask for anyway. Affiliate marketing is a win-win that helps both readers and bloggers, and I'm so thankful for this ebook that has shown me the way."
"Tasha’s book, "Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers" was tailor-made for me. As a smaller blogger who was looking for a way to monetize, this easy to digest step-by-step guide became my roadmap to professional blogging. The strategies she provides are clear, effective and most salient for me, applicable to bloggers who can’t yet depend on huge page views for income. Her follow up is outstanding, as well, updating her methods as the business evolves. I can’t recommend this book highly enough!"
"I'm a brand new blogger. I had no idea affiliate marketing was something I could start implementing on my blog until I bought Tasha's eBook. I actually bought the ebook for 'down the road' in my blogging journey. I began making money from affiliate sales almost immediately. I'm still building my blog and working on gaining an audience, but making money while I grow."
"Before Tasha's eBook, I thought affiliate marketing solely encompassed adding the odd link to Amazon. Needless to say, I wasn't making any money. Since reading the eBook I now have a thorough understanding of what affiliate marketing really entails and I'm now earning enough money through affiliate sales alone to keep my blog afloat. Tasha explains everything in a down-to-earth fashion and you can tell that she genuinely wants to help others succeed - not like so many other "eBooks" and "courses" that promise crazy overnight results but never really teach you how to obtain said results. Everything Tasha shares can be easily implemented, is not rocket-science and will immediately start to earn you money if you take the time to do it right!"
Take a look at EXACTLY what you get when you invest in the course for $149.
175 page eBook + 6 spreadsheets and checklists to keep you organized.
24 video lessons totaling over 6 1/2 hours of expert instruction.  Many of the topics are NOT included in the eBook.
Access to a private Mastermind group on Facebook exclusively for purchasers of this course.  It is full of motivated, helpful and like-minded bloggers.  Plus, you have DIRECT ACCESS to ask me anything about affiliate marketing any time.  It's like private coaching for free.
Meet Tasha...
Hi!  I'm Tasha, the blogger behind Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body.  

When I first began blogging in October of 2013, it was just a hobby.  I had no idea people earned money from blogging!  But after blogging for a few months,  I learned that you could "monetize" your blog, so I started to look into it. I quickly and easily learned all about sponsored posts and ads.

Learning about affiliate marketing was much more difficult because I could not find a comprehensive, detailed resource that explained HOW affiliate marketing can be used by lifestyle bloggers.

After a lot of trial and error and experiments, I figured it out on my own and now regularly earn at least $3,000 per month in affiliate sales. I have earned as much as $8,100 in affiliate revenue in one month and I want YOU to be able to maximize your affiliate revenue as well.  That's why I wrote Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers and created my Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers ADVANCED course.  

Do I need to be on WordPress to benefit from this book?

My blog is a self-hosted WordPress blog, so all of the information I share in the book about plugins and formatting is based upon the WordPress platform. So, you do not have to be on WordPress, but I highly recommend it (as discussed in detail in Section 1 of the book) and you will get the most out of this book if you are on WordPress.  
Is this book only for DIY and lifestyle bloggers?

Absolutely not! Certainly the ideas and information I share are tailored to the DIY and lifestyle blog niche, but the strategies I share can be used in any niche--you will just have to put your thinking cap on to figure out how to use my methods in your niche.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Of course! I can't write a book about affiliate marketing for bloggers and NOT offer an affiliate program, right?! I would love to have your help in promoting Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers after you have completed it yourself, of course :) The course site that you will gain access to after making a purchase contains information regarding the affiliate program. Only verified purchasers will be accepted as affiliates. 
What if I try everything you say and my affiliate earnings do not increase?

I am so confident that my strategies will work for you that if after you have tried all of my strategies at least once and your affiliate earnings do not increase, I will give you a 100% refund!
What if I already purchased your old advanced package? 

No problem!  If you purchased the old "advanced package" you received only 1 1/2 hours of video tutorials.  You can upgrade to the Advanced Course for only $75 with a special coupon code.    

If you would like to upgrade, please email thea@designertrapped.com to get your special code today.
What if I purchased the Blog Boost Bundle?

Most of the videos in my Advanced Course are duplicative of those in the affiliate marketing section of the Blog Boost bundle.  There are 5 additional videos in my Advanced Course, which are roughly 1 1/2 hours in length.   If you are interested in purchasing just those videos, email me directly at tasha@designertrapped.com and we will work something out!